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The regional public transportation program works to ensure the safety of all passengers and drivers of the transit vehicles. The guidelines below are to provide each rider with a basic level of rules regarding the use of public transportation throughout the region.




Ridership Guidelines

The follow guidelines are enforced on all transit vehicles operating in the TRRC Rural Public Transportation Region:

Hours of Operations: 8am to 5pm, with last ride pick up scheduled for 4:30pm Monday to Friday

To schedule a ride, please call the dispatching office 24 to 48 hours in advance at the following numbers:

(855) 407 7433

(844) 778 7826

(678) 588 9456

  1. The transit program is a “Demand Response” program, which means it is a curb to curb service. If a Passenger needs assistance from the bus to enter the destination, then an aide/attendant should ride along with them, or meet at the destination 10 to 15 minutes prior to arrival time. There is no charge for aides/attendants. Drivers are not to enter a passenger’s home under any circumstances.
  2. Riders should be ready one (1) hour ahead of scheduled pick up time. If a passenger is not ready upon bus arrival, the driver will only wait five (5) minutes before reporting the passenger as a “no show” and continue on to the next appointment.
  3. No school bus service will be provided.
  4. Passengers must be 16 years of age or accompanied by an adult.
  5. All passengers must wear seat belts or those using mobility devices, such as wheelchairs, will be secured using the vehicle tie down system
  6. Service animals are permitted. Other pets are not allowed.
  7. Weapons are not permitted.
  8. Carry on items (groceries, shopping bags, etc.) are limited to no more than what the passenger can carry. Packages must be stored under the seat or in the back of the bus to avoid an unsafe or hazardous entering and exiting by passengers. Aisles must remain clear. Drivers are not allowed to make several trips carrying packages or lifting heavy items which could cause back injury.
  9. Passengers will not consume any beverages, use illegal drugs, smoke, eat, use obscene language or behave in a violent or disruptive behavior, or play radios while on board the bus.
  10. Passengers may be suspended and/or banned from the bus for the following without any notification: swearing, cursing or inappropriate language, bringing weapons on board, threatening a driver or other passenger(s), exposing a driver or passenger to bodily fluids, intoxication from drugs and or alcohol, public health risks such as COVID 19, bed bugs, scabies or any other communicable illness which may threaten the safety of the driver or passengers